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How to split a PDF into multiple PDFs?

I’m trying to split a large PDF document into multiple PDF files, so that I can attach to the mail and send to my friends. Is there any PDF splitter program that I can to use to reduce the size of my PDF file into smaller, multiple PDFs? Any answer would be appreciate!

split PDF file into multiple files

We know it is difficult to share a large file through email or other file sharing sites. So, splitting a large PDF file into smaller multiple PDFs is a common issue you’re likely to encounter in business or daily life. Here we’ll introduce you a effective PDF splitter that can help you accomplish PDF splitting and merging and editing job with easy operation, both on Mac OS X and Windows.

PDF Editor is a powerful and affordable PDF splitter software that can separate PDF pages, split PDF to multiple PDF files. With it you can easily split multi-page PDF files by every n page(s), bookmarks, page ranges or split one PDF file averagely to several PDF files with equal page numbers. Also it helps you produce new PDF files by extracting any specific pages from the multi-page PDF file and saves your time to split PDF file to multiple PDF files by specific page ranges at one time. What’s more, PDF Splitter also split encrypted PDF files, which makes PDF splitting more efficient. Wondershare PDF split password-protected PDF file in seconds.

PDF Splitter has Mac version you can use on your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac.

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How to split a large PDF document into smaller, multiple PDF files on Mac/Windows?

Step 1. Run the PDF Splitter on the computer

After downloading the PDF Splitter, double click the archive to install and launch it on your computer. Then import the PDF document that you’re going to split.

You can get the insert, split and delete button on Page editing window. Click the Split button under the Page menu.

split button

Step 2. Customize pages for splitting

Customize pages to split in the popping up window. Here you can select the split method from 2 methods: Split numbers of pages and the select certain pages, or split by Top-level bookmark to several PDF files

Specify the output folder for saving the output smaller PDF files by clicking the Browse button.

split PDF on Mac

Step 3. Splitting a PDF into multiple PDFs

After all settings, click the OK button to start splitting the PDF document into multiple PDF files on your Mac. After a short while, you’ll get the smaller PDF files. Then it’s easy to attach to a mail and sent to your friends for sharing.

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