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PDF Creator for Linux

Linux PDF Creator Metamorphosisis

PDF Creator Linux, which runs on Linux, is used to create PDF files from Text, RTF, XHTML and HTML with tables, images, fonts, colors and text formatting, and virtually any file that can be printed.

  • Create PDF from HTML, XHTML, RTF and Text documents on Linux and Mac;
  • The PDF Creator Linux is absolutely independent C# assembly, it doesn’t require any additional components.
  • Edit PDF, like split and merge PDF documents.

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PDF Creator Linux

Multi-Platform supported: Mac, Windows and Linux

Why we need PDF Creator for Linux

In Windows I can find PDF Creator program easily. With Windows PDFCreator, we can easily create PDF document from any files like word, excel, images, text files, etc. But how about Linux PDF Creator? Is there something PDF Creator program for Ubuntu/Linux?

Seeking for a Linux PDF Creating tool? PDF Metamorphosis .NET can be your choice, which is a component to create PDF document from any Text, RTF, XHTML and HTML with tables, images, fonts, colors and text formatting completely. As a absolutely independent C# library that supports multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, PDF Metamorphosis .NET doesn’t require any additional components. It reads HTML and RTF documents directly converts it to PDF without Adobe Acrobat® or MS Office®.

C# library PDF Creator

Unique PDF Creator for Linux, Windows, Mac

Much other converting components use standard Windows-dlls. For example, to parse HTML can be used mshtml.dll which comes with Internet Explorer.

And this Linux PDF Creator don’t use any other dlls or dependencies. It is fully independent and can be used in Meduim Trust Level. It could open the HTML or XHTML file with CSS, or even download it from Internet. Read the contents of HTML, understand all the tags and transform it to PDF format.

A C# PDF library to Generate PDF Files

The Linux PDF Creator Metamorphosis .Net is just a class library. To deploy it you will need only two lines of code. By the instrumentality of our C# assembly you will add these functions into your application:

  • Create PDF from string, url, or file HTML;
  • Create PDF fromstring or file Text and RTF;
  • Edit PDF, like split and merge PDF documents.

C# code create PDF


Supported File Formats

The Linux PDF Creator Metamorphosisis can create PDF file from HTML, XHTML, RTF and Text documents on Mac OS X.

Input formats:
  • Any version of HTML, like a HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 with CSS and XHTML.
  • Any version of RTF files and text files.
Output format:
  • PDF 1.4. It’s absolutely compatible with any PDF readers, like a Actobat Readear etc.

Advantage of this PDF Creator for Linux

The Linux PDF Creator can create PDF document from any XHTML, HTML and RTF files with such advantages:

  • Create PDF from remote HTML documents;
  • Create PDF from images (.gif, .jpg, .bmp and .png), or remote http:// images;
  • Create PDF from tables, nested tables, CSS styles, hyperlinks;
  • Support font face, color, size; page alignment;
  • Support bold, italic and underline, strike and other rich formatted text; special characters;
  • Automatic encoding select (Windows-1251, etc..);
  • Select page size (A4, B5, Letter…), page orientation (Landscape or Portrait), page margins;
  • Supports all HTML tags and special characters, such as   & &lt, � – ÿ – я etc.
  • Created with only pure C#
  • Absolutely standalone, you will need to include only "PdfMetamorphosis.dll" into your application
  • No other dependencies
  • Reads RTF, HTML files and writes PDF directly
  • Does not require installed Microsoft Office ® or Adobe Acrobat ® on the computer
  • Works on any .Net platform (1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 etc)
  • Multi-Platform supported: Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Has great abilities to adjust an output PDF.

create PDF on Linux

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