How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel?

How to Extract Data from Scanned PDF Forms and Convert to Excel?

Most of the time you’re working with PDF files for exchanging business data, collecting customer information, or trading with partners. However, you struggle with having to re-key all that collected form data by hand when you need to extract data from PDF to Excel files. How painful it is – open every single document, manually copy the information and then paste it in a notepad or in a Word file, and then enter that information. Extracting data from PDF can be especially challenge if you have multiple PDF files that are scanned images.

Don’t wasting time extracting data from scanned PDF forms to Excel spreadsheet. In this following guide, I’m going to help you to solve one of your biggest problems while working with PDF files.

There is a new way of doing it with PDFelement 6 Professional. It can actually extract data or information from PDF forms, obtaining data from a PDF form makes it easier to organize and rearrange the data on your computer. You don’t nee to learn any complicated coding and JavaScript.

PDFelement 6 Professional

PDFelement 6 Professional assists you in extracting data from fillable form fields and other kind PDF files to CSV files, where you can manage the data that has been extracted.

Not only a PDF form extractor, PDFelement 6 Professional also helps you to create fillable PDF forms with all type of interactive form controls.

OK, let’s download PDFelement from the following link and start to batch extract data from PDF to Excel sheet.

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How to Extract Data from PDF Form to Excel Sheet?

1. Upload a scanned PDF Form

Directly drag and drop a PDF form into the PDF Form Extractor. Or you can click “Open File” to load PDF files that contain fillable fields.

open PDF files

2. Extract data from PDF form fields

Click the “Form” from the top menu, and then click “Task” tab to choose “Data Extraction” option.

open PDF files

You can load other PDF files that contain fillable fields as well in the window, choose the option of “Extract data from PDF form fields” on the right-side, and then click “Start” to extract all of this data into a single CSV file. Then click Finish button to access and verify your data straight away.

extract PDF form data

How to Extract Data from Scanned PDF Forms and convert to Excel?

With many fast forms from customers that get scanned into their system, computers are not capable to understand the scanned image text without first applying a method called Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

As well as extracting data from fillable PDF form, PDFelement makes it easy to create a form template and extract data from many identical scan forms at once into a single spreadsheet.

1. Recognize Scanned PDF Form fields

Click the “Form” tab and then the “Data Extraction” icon in the toolbar. Choose to extract data from scanned PDF.

extract data from scanned PDF

2. Create a form template

Next, create a template by tracing areas you want PDFelement to recognize as form field. PDFelement will extract data from these fields into a spreadsheet.

After creating your template, save those settings with a unique name so you can reuse it in the future. When you’re done, click Yes to the question at the top of the page that asks if you’ve completed building your template.

save template

3. Batch extract data from scanned PDF to Excel

Click Add Files to add as many identical scanned PDF forms as you need, or simply drag them into the window. Then, click Start to extract all of this data into a spreadsheet. At last, click the Finish button to access and verify your data straight away.

get CSV file

There you have it! Your PDF form information is now accurate, measurable, and actionalble. And you don’t have to spend all that time typing. If you found this tutorial helpful, make sure to share it with friends to benefit from PDFelement.

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