How to Electronically Sign a PDF?

There are many reasons that you need to digitally sign PDF files with your signature. And an electronic signature applied in a digital way to a PDF document is perfectly legal and binding. This tutorial we will go over how to create an electronic signature in PDFs directly instead of on paper documents.

How do I Digitally Sign a PDF For Free?

In today’s digital world, there are better and more efficient ways to sign documents electronically than ink on paper. Now you can apply electronic signatures to any PDF document if you are using SignX PDF Signature platform. This capability offers the convenience and digital signature security options necessary to create legally binding documents with your electronically rendered signature.

In this example I just want to demonstrate how easy it is to create a handwritten signature to a document. In addition, to show you how to sign your document I’m going to have someone draw the signature on a Microsoft Surface tablet because the pen allows them to create a nice fluid drawing of their signature.

SignX PDF Signature, by no doubt, is the best electronic signature application that helps users to digitally sign documents with hand drawing, typing or uploading a scanned signature as per convenience. It also provides a perfect solution for business or institution to incorporate the electronic signature. After you set fields for recipients, just click “Send for Signature” to send the signature request. After all the recipients signed the document, you will receive the notification through email. And then you can manage the signed document as you like.

How to Sign a PDF in Adobe Reader DC?

If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on your computer, adding signatures to PDF documents for paperless document management could be easy.

  1. Pull out the PDF that you need to sign.
  2. Once you got the PDF open like here, come down right-hand side “Tools > Fill & Sign“.
  3. From the Fill & Sign panel, click “Me“.
  4. If you are signing for the first time, you can see the Signature or Intials panel where you have several options for signing:
    sign PDF in Adobe Reader

    • You can add a signature or add initials;
    • You can also draw with your mouse, but it’s hard to do. If you had a tablet and pen, you can plug the USB and get a surface you can write on with a stylous signature.
    • Or you could scan out your signature from a image file and add it here.
  5. Click Apply, and then go to the place where you want to sign and place your signature. And you can enlarge it and make it smaller or move it around to a new place.

Send the PDF and Request Sinature from Others

Once you’ve signed the PDF document, you can send the PDF to others for signatures:

  1. In the Fill & Sign toolbar, click Next.
  2. fill and sign

  3. If you need to get signatures from others, Click Request Signature, and then click Get Started.
  4. The Adobe Sign window will be displayed. Enter the signers’ email addresses into the order you want them to sign.
  5. add signers Adobe Sign

  6. You can also specify where you want people to fill and sign, click Specify Where to Sign to complete this.
  7. Enter the information as prompted, and hit Send.
Electronic signature creator

Free PDF Signature

  • You can electronically sign PDF documents anytime and anywhere and also keep the movement of your signatures and ongoing processes at your comfort.
  • The strongest protocols of encryption and powerful recovery plan keeps your document safe.
  • Reusable templates could help in personalizing documents for individual recipients.
  • The Enterprise account allows the administrator user to manage multiple users, adding or removing users anytime they like.
  • Get alerts in real-time every time your document is opened, read, or signed. The Dashboard enables you to get a bird’s-eye view of your document status and sharing activities.

How to Create Electronic Signature in PDF?

Step 1. Sign Up (Log In)

To start, you need to login your SignX account to create your digital electronic signature free. If you have not got an account yet, just open your preferred internet browser and go to, enter the requested information to create a free account.

create account PDF sign

Step 2. Create a Electronic Signature

Once you log in with SignX account, you will find the option “Create a Signature” below your name and email in the dashboard. Click on it and a new window will come up.

Then you can select to “Draw”, “Type” or “Upload” image of your handwritten signature or initials.

1. Digitally Sign Your PDF by Drawing

Select “Draw” tab and draw your electronic signature, by using your mouse or touchpad. When you finished, click “Create” button to save your electronic signature.

draw digital signature

2. Create Electronic Signature by Typing

You can also type your signature name and by choosing “Type” option in signature creating dialog. Just type your signature, change the color and save it.

type signature name to PDF

3. Upload image of your handwritten signature

If you already have an image of your signature, you can also upload it and use it over and over again like stamp.

upload signature image

Step 3. Insert electronic signature into a PDF

Once you have created your own electronic signature, you can get your document digitally signed by yourself or the other parties.

Click “Start Document Signing” in the primary dashboard or your SignX account, upload the PDF file that need to be signed, click the plus icon to add email address (select “I need to sign the document” option if you need to sign yourself), set signature fields for the signers, and send the PDF document for signature electronically.

You are going to sign the document first in the next step. Click on the “Signature” button and electronically sign your signature name and and then submit your electronic signature. When all the recipients has signed the document already, you will receive the notification through email. Then you can download the signed PDF document as you like, you can see that the signature is transparent and looks perfect. That’s all there is to it.

create PDF signature

SignX is the smartest and easiest way to electronically sign a PDF document.

Learn all the skills to create a perfect electronic signature so you can insert it into any document that needs to be emailed. Once the signature is created, you can use it anywhere you need on computer programs. The fastest way to achieve a professional document quickly, especially when your signature is required.

Tips: Electronic Signature Acceptance:

As electronically signed documents are more secure and easier to manage than paper documents, they are acceptable and legally binding by more and more countries in the world – including China, the United States, Russia, Australia, Canada and those in the European Union.

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